About Us

Most of us who love to bake first encountered the art in our Grandmother's kitchen. We were taught using simple, basic, wholesome ingredients we could readily recognize. This is the formula for Little Red Wagon.  I still only use the most basic ingredients, baked as you would in your own oven.

Little Red Wagon fresh baked goods first appeared at the Chapel Hill Carrboro Farmer's Market in 2004.  At a small market stand, I offered all of the familiar comfort and taste of tried and true recipes.  It was the perfect part time job for a stay at home mom with a little one in pre-school.  

Over time Little Red Wagon Granola became our standout product.  As the demand grew, a small grocery agreed to provide shelf space for our products.  My trips to the mill for oats and locally milled flour became more frequent.  Today Little Red Wagon Granola is available in many health food stores, cooperatives and gourmet markets throughout the East Coast.  I have been able to grow my business in stride with my family and I am committed to baking granola with the same care and attention to detail given to the first batch I baked for my own family.

My sincerest thanks to all who have shown interest in trying Little Red Wagon Granola.  Enjoy-

Yolanda Bravo
Little Red Wagon LLC - P.O.Box 4443, Chapel Hill, NC 27515
[email protected]